Futuristic Bikes: FlyKly Smart Wheel

Ready to boost your speed and save energy? Then you might want to start setting aside a piggy bank fund for FlyKly. 


This innovative startup has developed a way to transform any “normal” bike into an electric one simply by replacing one of the wheels. There are a lot of benefits to this system. The most obvious? It enables people to make the manual-to-electric transition without actually buying a new bike. And when these tech transportation cycles cost upwards of $1300 apiece, that makes a big impact. 

The FlyKly Smart Wheel works similarly to a Smart Car. Its central area is packed with a small engine, which is hidden behind an aesthetic hub that makes the who contraption look like a normal wheel. The mechanics store energy as you pedal, housing it away for future use. At its prime, the engine propels the bike at speeds of 20 MPH and can sustain itself for 30 miles. FlyKly also comes with an Android/iOS app that you use to set your speed. It also functions as a GPS. The ensemble comes with a Smart Light, a bike light that also serves as a handlebar mount for your light and charges your device.


Although it sounds complex, Gizmodo explains, “FlyKly Smart Wheel is effortless to operate. You just replace the rear wheel on your bike with the nine-pound Smart Wheel and start pedaling.” You set your speed from your phone app and then enjoy the ride. There are two options to charge FlyFly: you can pedal or power it from a wall outlet. 

FlyKly is currently in the throes of a Kickstarter campaign; you can take a look here. The package isn’t a drop in the bucket – it’s currently priced at $590 – but it enables the freedom to use with any existing bike. You also have the option to remove the wheel whenever you like, returning your cycle back to its original “manual” state for mountain biking or trail rides.



The gadget is ideal for commuters that bike to work. It can give you that extra little boost when you’re running late in the morning (Think of a Vespa that looks like a bike), but it doesn’t require that you replace your trusty manual cycle. Take a look at their video  to explore how this creative breakthrough could enhance our society. Whether FlyKly is your dream invention or more of a curiosity, it represents the kind of clean energy innovation that can transform the future of transportation for our planet. 

Image Credit: [Flykly]

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