The Economical, Emotional, and Environmental Benefits of Cycle Commuting

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Better health, more energy, longer lifespan, less stress, and lower commuting cost… It’s official. Pedal your way to your workplace and enjoy a number of physical and emotional benefits. Here is a cost of commuting infographic that highlights some interesting facts and figures on cycle and car commuting in America.


Reasons why cycling is better than driving:

  1. Feel happier

It’s a no-brainer that people are more happy spending time outdoors than indoors. That’s why the travel and tourism industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. By cycling to your workplace, you spend more time outdoors and eventually become a happier person. Sunlight is good for your health; it boosts your feel-good hormone called serotonin and naturally elevates your confidence and self-esteem.  Medical experts say that people who get more daylight often get the best sleep in the night.

  1. Live longer

It has been proven that people who exercise regularly have a low risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and other common ailments such as diabetes, blood pressure, and obesity. Cycling increases heath beat rate and also results in the movement of intestinal muscles. In turn, this results in better digestion, so you can be free from gastric problems.

  1. Cheaper Transport

According to CBSNEWS, Americans spend around $2600 every year on commuting. Wait, that’s just the money spent on gas. There are other charges such as vehicle maintenance, repairs, parking, toll, and insurance. That adds up to something much higher than $2600 per year, right? Cycling helps you to reduce your commute expenses by more than 90% (of almost $5000)!

  1. Get leaner and fitter

According to Sports psychologists, cycling boosts the body’s ability to burn calories faster and thus prevents the accumulation of fat in the body. Even obese people can lose weight naturally by cycling 30 minutes daily. The National Forum for Coronary Heart Disease Foundation in the US suggested that people who cycle every day stay fitter and healthier equal to someone 10 years younger.  

  1. Save the planet

Typically it requires only about five percent of the materials and resources to manufacture a cycle when compared to a car. Above all, cycling emits zero pollution. There is no fuel required and there is no carbon emission. With a cycle, you can easily move around the smallest gaps in traffic and reach your destination faster. Remember, your cycle is thrice lighter than your own body weight whereas a car is 20 times heavier than you. That makes parking a lot easier too.

Some interesting information for every commuter:

  • Cycling is two times faster than car in traffic
  • Cycle commute is ideal for a distance of four miles to 20 miles.
  • 60% of Americans are estimated to be obese by 2050
  • 5 bikes can be parked in the same space as one car
  • Cycling is much safer than not cycling


There are a lot of emotional, economical, and environmental benefits of commuting by cycle. Do the math yourself and tell us whether cycling is a good idea or not.



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The Economical, Emotional, and Environmental Benefits of Cycle Commuting
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