Night Cycling

If you are riding your bike at night, it is imperative that you take all the necessary precautions to decrease your chances of being involved in an accident. The following tips are designed to assist you in making sure you are safe while biking at night. Continue reading

Solar Powered Smart Bench

The days of simply using a bench to sit down for a quick minute are gone, at least in several Boston area parks. Solar Powered “Soofa” Smart Benches give you a place to sit, while also allowing you the opportunity to charge small gadgets using a USB. Continue reading

Off the Grid

Are you considering making changes allowing you to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle? Have you made the decision to live completely off the grid? Whether you have a desire to reduce your environmental footprint, alleviate financial stresses,or simply want to escape today’s consumerist society, you should have a plan to help you acclimate to living off the grid. Continue reading

Uncovering the Truth about GMOs

“GMO” has been poised on the lips of policymakers for the past year, as furious debates question the effects that this innovation could have on people and the environment. The acronym stands for Continue reading

Renewable Energy

Last year’s devastating spill in Arkansas brings to light the problematic nature of oil. Undeniably detrimental to the environment, we continue to rely on Continue reading

Sustainable Architecture

Our world is changing. As temperatures fluctuate, storms swoop in with alarming ferocity, and sea levels creep ever higher, it’s becoming ever more important to Continue reading

The Art of Walking

A recent study conducted jointly by Heriot-Watt University and the University of Edinburgh found that the simple action of taking a short walk each day can alleviate brain fatigue. Continue reading

Life Saving Trees

We owe a lot to trees. They combat global warming, they provide us with vital resources, and they provide a vital habitat to thousands of species. Continue reading

The Best Mountain Biking Towns in the USA

Whether riding through the stark desert of climbing high into the mountains, there’s always a unique experience awaiting Continue reading

Are Bike Sharing Programs Effective?

Bike sharing programs are becoming a staple in cities across the world. What once was a novelty is now the norm Continue reading