Tips For Riding Your Mountain Bike in a Road Race

With spring around the corner, road race schedules are beginning to surface all across the country. If you’re a mountain biker who wants in on the local road races this spring and summer, you can do it with a few fundamental adjustments to your mountain bike, and by planning your racing tactics to accommodate the aerodynamic differences between your mountain bike and the competition’s road bikes. Then you can hit the pavement with realistic expectations.

Cycling the Exceptional: 5 of the World’s Most Extraordinary Trails

1. The Old Ghost Road – New Zealand Prepare your senses for a visual feast – and a satisfyingly challenging ride. 80 KM in length, the Old Ghost Road is a part of New Zealand’s Cycle Trail Project. The route began as a gold miner’s trail and has since been completely restored to accommodate cyclists … Read more

Could Copenhagen’s Cycling Highways Have A Global Future?

Copenhagen is laced with highways. They snake around its perimeter and into the heart of this Danish metropolis. About ⅓ of the city’s population uses them to commute to work each day. But where most highways are choked with cars, these routes don’t have a single automobile on the pavement. Instead, they have bikes. The … Read more

2013 is Shaping Up to be a Very Innovative Year for Bicyclists

There has never been a better time to ride! The spring of 2013 is packed with new innovations to make bicyclists’ lives easier, and cycling more enjoyable. Motivated by environmental preservation, economic limitations, the need for more user-friendly bike designs and customer goodwill, you might love what’s in store for bicycling this year. We’ve compiled … Read more

Reinventing the Wheel – Airless Tires are Closer to Becoming a Reality

Although they’re not quite there yet, it looks like someone might be releasing an airless tire for bikes pretty soon, and cars should follow shortly thereafter. At least, if you’re listening to the hype, that’s how it seems to be going. Actually, the experts see non-pneumatic tires still 10 years in the distance, which is … Read more