5 Easy Ways to Save Energy in 2014

There are a lot of reasons to cut down on your energy consumption this year. Doing so will not only reduce your carbon footprint – it also saves money and resources. Being environmentally responsible doesn’t have to come at the expense of modern comforts; Soft Energy Paths author Amory Lovins wrote in 1977 wrote that “People … Read more

5 Cycling Documentaries You Need to Watch

Eat, sleep, and breathe cycling? We know the feeling. Below, enjoy 5 documentaries that follow individuals that share your same passion… And come from radically different backgrounds. With My Own Two Wheels (2010) Brothers Isaac and Jacob Seigel-Boettner set out to explore how bicycles can empower communities across the world. Their film crew focused on five stories. … Read more

Michael Pollan Fixes Our Relationship with Food

Too often, we think of the natural world – and the resources that exist there – as a separate entity. It is “the wilderness,” a place only accessible when we load up the car with tents and backpacks and hike into the unknown. It’s not a concept that we interact with – or affect – … Read more

Copenhagenzine Ranks the World’s Most Bike-Friendly Cities

We live in an increasingly bike-friendly world. Every year, communities are adding bike lanes and facilitating cycling laws, making it easier – and safer – for people to choose their bicycles over their cars. But it’s often a challenge to quantify how accepting cities are of cyclist, and how they’re evolved to make it more accessible to … Read more

A Host of New Rainforest Species Discovered… By Google Earth

Mozambique is notoriously remote. Nestled into the southeastern corner of Africa, the country represents a collision of different ecosystems. It shares an expansive border with the Indian ocean, creating tropical ocean breezes. These are tempered by the arid desert habitat that is scattered across the country. But most enigmatic of all is Mozambique’s forests. They … Read more

Managing Wildlife to Save Our Forests

In 1949, a restaurant opened in rural New Jersey that proclaimed “We Feed the Deer and the People, Too!” The Walpack Inn was a destination for locals and New York City residents alike, all of whom flocked to the remote eatery to catch a glimpse of the wildlife in its natural habitat. Since 1900, the … Read more

A Curriculum for Our Future: The Need for Green Education

Environmentalist Baba Dioum famously said, “In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we are taught.” The future of our planet hinges on the actions of today’s school-age generation. But unless environmental education begins to take hold in curriculums across … Read more