Map of places that provide free air for tires

We know that this site looks old (we're working on that :), but our database of free air spots is up to date, with more than 12k locations in the U.S.

Submit new free air spots by clicking here, but please keep in mind that we're doing data entry in batches, usually twice a year, and this is why you don't see the spot(s) you submitted on the map right away.

However, we immediately remove the spots that don't currently offer free air, so please let us know if you stumble upon any of them. We apologize for the mistakes, this is a user-generated map, and things constantly change.

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Search for free air spots near you, either by sharing your device location or by entering the approximate address in the text box below and press enter or click the "Find free air" button.

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Please note that this list of places is user-generated, and by no means should be considered definitive. Help us expand it by submitting new free air locations.

Can't find any place offering free air near you? If you have the dough, you can get a portable air compressor / inflator to carry around in your trunk, or use at home. Here's a guide with the best available choices in the market right now, along with a detailed explanation of the whys and the hows.

cycling icon indicates either a bike repair station or bike air pump

Auto point marker indicates free air for autos

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Please feel free to submit locations in CA and CT!

Didn't find a place that offers free air in the map above?

Here are a few places you might want to check out: Generally, free air is offered in most tire shops, car repair stations and bike shops.

Also, these gas station chains and tire shops are known to offer air for free, but we can't guarantee that for all their shops:

Gas stations
  • Co-op
  • Family Express
  • Getgo
  • Hy-vee
  • Kroger
  • Kum&Go
  • KwikTrip
  • Pilot truck stop
  • QuickChek
  • QuickTrip
  • Sheetz
  • Stewart's Shop
  • Wawa
Tire shops
  • Belle Tire
  • Discount Tire Store
  • Les Schwab Tires
  • Mavis Discount
  • Gateway Tire & Service Centers
  • Costco (Some of their stores)

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