Welcome to an ever-growing list of gas stations that provide free air. This list is mostly user-generated, and by no means should be considered definitive. Of course, those of you living in Connecticut will have no use for this site, but I wanted to give everyone else in the nation a chance to share information and gain access to what should be the law of the land: FREE AIR at gas stations!

For those who do not know, California bill AB 531 states that existing law “…requires every service station in this state to provide, during operating hours, water, compressed air, and a gauge for measuring air pressure, to the public for use in servicing any passenger or commercial vehicle…This bill would require that these air and water services be made available at no cost to customers who purchase motor vehicle fuel…” This law has been in effect since 1999 and even provides a toll-free customer complaint telephone number. For the telephone number and a submissible online Air & Water Complaint form, click here. Californians, if you know of a business that offers free air without having to purchase fuel, please add it to the database. You can use this link to report readily available free air in California.

Also, Ch. 250 Sec. 14-325a of the Connecticut legislative code states: “Any person licensed…to dispense motor fuel for sale to the public for any motor vehicle…shall provide for free public use an air compressor for the purpose of tire inflation during the hours such premises are open for business. Each such licensee shall post a sign in a conspicuous location upon the premises and in such form as the commissioner may require, informing the public of the availability of an air compressor for free public use during the hours such premises are open. Such compressor shall be capable of producing at least eighty pounds per square inch pressure at the outlet.” Connecticut also has an online-submissible General Complaint form that can be found HERE.

Also listed on the FreeAirPump.com Map are the Pilot/Flying J chain of travel stops. If you can’t find the free air, don’t worry, look over by the diesel pumps.

Thanks to Maps Icons Collection for the gas station icon.