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Use this form to report only the locations that offer READILY AVAILABLE free air. Not locations where you have to go ask the attendant to “flip the switch”. Thank you!

If you know of a business or school that provides free air, please report it and help others across the nation. Be sure to provide as many details as possible to ensure the right location is placed on the map. Do not enter your home address.

You can also use this form to report locations that no longer offer free air.

Please indicate whether the site is for autos or bicycles.

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    Indicate the name of the business. If it is not a gas station specify the type of business.

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    Indicate the exact address*, city, zip code, state and country (if not USA)
    *If the exact address is unknown, please indicate the nearest intersection instead.

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    Add any relevant and useful information regarding the location of the pump, working hours etc. Once again, DO NOT enter your home address. If you wish to find a free air pump near you then click here to find it on the map.