How to Start a Cycling Hobby

Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, stronger exercise routine, or a better way to get to work, cycling is an exciting solution. Bicycling is a worldwide sport and pastime, spanning from China to Norway. Why is it so popular? Because it has incredible health and lifestyle benefits that can’t be ignored. Use this guide to help you start cycling. Continue reading

Fair Trade Coffee: Your Cup Of Responsibility

According to data from Square, the average cup of coffee costs $2.70 in America. A coffee picker in another country generally makes between $2 to $3 per day. That means that the price you pay for one cup of coffee … Continue reading

Responsible Clothing

We’ve all done it; binge shopping, cheap clothes, bargain bins, or silly trends. We see a sale sign, it seems like a really good deal, and we’re instantly sucked in; sliding hanger after hanger down the rack, listening to the … Continue reading

Vertical Gardening

With minimal room to grow our own food, and an increasing distrust for the items presented for purchase at the grocery store, what are we to do if we want to know exactly where our food comes from? Continue reading

The Economical, Emotional, and Environmental Benefits of Cycle Commuting

Better health, more energy, longer lifespan, less stress, and lower commuting cost… It’s official. Pedal your way to your workplace and enjoy a number of physical and emotional benefits. Continue reading

The Plight of the Honeybee

For centuries, honey bees have played an essential role in the maintenance of ecosystems around the world. Continue reading

Bats: Disappearing Heroes of the Ecosystem

Due to factors such as habitat destruction, climate change, and pesticides, like so many other animals that play vital roles in our ecosystems, bat populations are dwindling. Continue reading

Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Society is becoming more cognizant of the need to get from here to there in a manner that is practical, efficient, and sustainable. Here are four vehicles that stand out as an alternative to that gas-guzzling SUV you used to own… Continue reading

Bike Sharing

By making the system accessible – and affordable – it ensures that people will consider bike sharing to be as viable as any other means of getting from here to there. Continue reading

Choosing A Bike

Whether you’re hitting the discount department stores for something inexpensive, or you’re looking to take advantage of the expertise afforded by the staff at your neighborhood bicycle shop – it’s important to first establish your intentions and bike riding style in order to make the best choice. Continue reading