5 Amazing National Park Lodges

Despite the disappointing fact that we can’t enjoy our National Parks on this autumn weekend (although some of them may be opening very soon), we think that it’s better to focus on the positives. Therefore, in honor of our neglected National Parks , feast your eyes on five spectacular lodges in some of America’s most beautiful places.



Image Credit: [Alaska TravelGram]

1. Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge: Kenai Glacier National Park

Tucked into the folds of Alaska’s Kenai Glacier National Park, the Lodge is perched alongside an inlet with stunning mountainous vistas. It is the only existing accommodation offered in the park, and seems to epitomize “rustic getaway:” It isn’t unusual to see grizzlies and orcas on any given day.

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Image Credit: [Yellowstone National Park Lodges]

2. Old Faithful Inn: Yellowstone National Park

Everything about Yellowstone’s keystone lodge inspires awe. America’s most famous geyser provides a powerful introduction outside the main doors; the construction feels a little bit like a log cabin on steroids. When the sun sets over the Wyoming mountains and herds of bison wander into the front yard, it truly feels like it’s the stuff of fairy tales.


Image Credit: [Flickr/Lumachrome]

3. Kalaloch Lodge: Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park has long been regarded as one of our country’s most ethereal destinations. Situated at the convergence of oceanic, rainforest, and alpine ecosystems, Kalaloch Lodge captures of the otherworldliness of the Washington coastline. The historic building is perched right on the beach, offering stunning views of the mist rolling in from the Pacific. This is a place where “walks on the beach” are a way of life.

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[Image Credit: Flickr/Justin Williams]

4. El Tovar: Grand Canyon National Park

When El Tovar was built in 1905, it was so far removed from towns and cities that drinking water had to be delivered by train. Today, it is one of America’s top destinations, offering stunning views of the Canyon. When the sun sets over the rocky chasm, it looks like the entire landscape is on fire.


[Image Credit: Flickr/Andrew Behr]

5. Granite Park Chalet, Glacier National Park

In order to enjoy Granite Park Chalet, you have to put in the effort: A six-hour hike up the Rockies stands between you and this century-old lodge. But perched atop the Rockies with a panorama of Montana to enjoy and a gorgeous cabin to get a good night’s sleep in, it seems like a small price to pay.


5 Amazing National Park Lodges
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