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If you’re stuck in the office this spring, there’s plenty of weekend bike tours to get your ride on. The popularity of bike tours nationwide and worldwide has never been greater, and throngs of avid cyclists are happily preparing for their spring trek from Florida to Washington – to Europe.

Alas, not everyone can take a week or two to coast the scenic hills of Florence or the Arkansas wine country. But there are plenty of options for weekend bike tours that should keep most cyclists pretty tickled throughout the spring and early summer months.

It’s no secret that cycling tours are popular in the Midwest, from Chicago to St. Paul, and everyone’s chomping at the chin strap to launch the spring bicycling season.

bicycling in the mountains

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In case you didn’t already know, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota take the top three spots in the country for the miles of rails that have been converted to bicycling trails. Illinois and Iowa are in the top 10.

The Elroy-Sparta State Trail in Wisconsin triggered the bicycle tourism industry back in 1967, and in short order other communities began building their own cycling trails. There are also thousands of miles of biking trails through quiet country roads, built to ensure dairy farmers could get their milk to market. What makes these trails especially appealing is the ability to ride them and experience the same scenery your grandparents enjoyed.

For folks looking to cycle in the deep south, you can’t beat a weekend bike tour in Savanna, Georgia. Between the historic homes and business districts, there are the flowering trees, brightly colord azaleas, daffodils, gardenias, foxglove, tulips and so much more. With spring flowers  in glorious abundance, Savannah’s magnificent public squares, lush parks and private gardens make this a weekend bicycling tour dream you won’t want to miss.

GVBR bike tour

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Of course, California is home to some mighty scenic bike tours – from Big Sur to the Sonoma Valley wine country, to the Monterey Coast and Carmel Valley. The challenging splendor of the San Francisco Bay area offers some of the world’s most iconic cycling trails. California’s weekend bike tours pack a punch, offering some of the most challenging terrain a cyclist could ask for. A three or four day bike tour through any California vista will make for a spectacular weekend excursion, with plenty of options for alternating weekends.

There are great weekend bike tours in virtually every state, so get Googling and prepare to hit the inviting March trails as a prelude to plenty of cycling months ahead.

If you’re planning a day or weekend cycling trip, make sure you’re prepared.

loaded touring bike

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Superfine merino wool is a great choice for cycling. Wool soaks up perspiration, does not absorb odor, and you’ll be glad you’re wearing it when you’re riding for days without a change of clothes.  Also: removable sleeves. Put them on when you’re cold, pull them off when you warm up. They stash easily and spare you from lugging along an extra shirt. One more thing – padded underwear. You’ll thank us.


If you don’t already have a great handlebar bag, you’ll want to pick one up. They’re great for stashing everything from carb-packed snacks, to bottles of water, your cell phone and camera – whatever you need. Shop around for a bag that attaches securely, either with plastic straps or metal fasteners – make sure your bag will stay put in rugged terrain.


Must haves on any bike tour: patch kit, hand pump, spare tube and tire levers.  A Park Tool can’t hurt. That’s tight, a Park Tool will arm you with a great grouping of  handy tools in pocket size. Don’t want to spend the money? Check out the map to find a bicycle repair station near you.


Get Away on a Bike Tour
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